New York Times

My Father Died For Pakistan – Jan. 8, 2011

The Times, UK

Hatred That Killed My Father Hurts All Pakistani’s – June 2, 2011


Person of Interest: Sana Bucha July 20, 2012

Exit the Lady June 29, 2012

Calling Traitor June 22, 2012

The Rebirth of Maryam Nawaz Sharif March 30, 2012

A Mighty Heart- an interview with Mariane Pearl Feb. 24‚ 2012

The Zero-to-Hero Thing – an interview with Shah Mahmood Qureshi January 20, 2012

It’s Not Fair to Demand Action From Our Side – an interview with Omar Abdullah November 11, 2011

Rattling The Cage – Book Review October 21, 2011

Labor of Love – September 9, 2011

One Step Forward Several Back – an interview with Bushra Gohar – August 26‚ 2011

Meeting Hillary Clinton – August 26‚ 2011

Beyond the Birkin: Who is Hina Rabbani Khar? – August 19, 2011

Cracking the Whip, an interview with Mike Rogers – August 5, 2011

Silence is not an option, an interview Jahangir Tareen – July 29, 2011

An interview with Shahid Afridi – April 18, 2011

Forbidden Flesh – April 18, 2011

Hot Off the Catwalk – April 11‚ 2011

Their Winsome Ways – April 11, 2011

Keeping The Faith – April 4, 2011

Let’s Start By Not Losing Hope, an interview with Javaid Ahmed Ghamidi – March 28, 2011

Sort Out Ourselves, an interview with Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy – March 7, 2011

Spy V. Spy – Jan. 10, 2011

The Confession – Dec. 27, 2010

The Heart of the Matter – Dec. 27, 2010

What, Me Worry? – Dec. 13, 2010

Abide By Your Word, an interview with Brajesh Mishra – Dec. 13, 2010

Convulsions of Piety – Dec. 6, 2010

To Hell Where They Belong, an interview with Salmaan Taseer – November 15, 2010

The War on Terra – November 8, 2010

Going for Broke – October 18, 2010

Bristling in Balochistan – September 27, 2010

The Daily Beast

The Girl Who Changed Pakistan: Malala Yousafzai October 22, 2012

Pakistan: Top Judges Attack P.M. Gilani With Poetry and Threats May 14, 2012

Mukhtar Mai: True Survivor – May 6, 2011

Rose Petals for a Killer – Jan. 16, 2011


Hina Rabbani Khar offers hope to Pakistan – August 2, 2011

Pakistan has abdicated its responsibilities – March 2, 2011

My father’s murder must not silence the voices of reason in Pakistan – January 11, 2011

Express Tribune
Pakistan is beautiful — and it’s mine January 16, 2012

How America can make a difference August 11, 2010

India Today

Life of a Woman in Pakistan – August 11, 2012

Daily Express

Meray valid ko khiraaj e aqeedat (Urdu) – June 1, 2011

Jinnah Institute

Reclaiming Jinnah’s Pakistan – August 14‚ 2011

Daily Times, Pakistan

Love in the time of terrorism – July 8, 2010

Discrediting Pakistan – June 17, 2010

59 pc Pakistanis view US as enemy: PEW report – July 30, 2010

Sophian Newspaper, Smith College

Fortune runs for state auditor in next election – March 25, 2010

Going green at graduation – March 4, 2010

Campus center cafe offers night delivery – April 16, 2009

Vandals force removal of King-Scales printer – April 2, 2009



14 Responses to Journalism

  1. Brian says:

    Please add:

    “Keeping the Faith” ; Newsweek, April 4, 2011.

  2. Just heard you on BBC. Condolences, and keep up the good fight. I think Western journalists don’t quite understand the nuances of issues in South Asia, and how difficult and important the fight for a more enlightened, progressive and forward-looking South Asia is. Appreciate your determination! A journalist from Goa, India.

  3. Karan says:

    Have been following you on Twitter ever since i saw your interview on Hardtalk. I appreciate the courage you have shown in the face of extreme adversity. Your father was a great human being with a very modern perspective on religion and politics. I wish you the best of luck in your struggle/fight. South Asia needs youngsters like you.
    Best wishes from Canada.

  4. Ayesha says:

    Watched you on BBC and was very, very proud. Especially loved the bit when you said, “You make that sound like a bad thing, but it’s not at all” regarding the Islamization question.
    Stay strong. We’re with you.

    P.S. I was trying to access it on the website you tweeted (BBC’s own) but it says “Not available in your region”. And I’m from Pakistan. Just saying.

  5. Khan mukhtar says:

    Today followed you on twitter and got impressed by your persona and the perseverance with which you are facing the challenges and at the same time show courage to ink your upright impressions through hard talks.
    It will be gold at the end of the tunnel so keep spirits high.
    Brother from Kashmir(India)

    • mkhan says:

      Today I had my hands on a article which imprinted the history of your ancestors with Kashmir. Your grand father has a special place for Kashmirs and he had been a good friend of Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah,the towering personality of Kashmir.
      Dr M D Taseer was a unique teacher endowed with analytic mind and scientific approach. He was a great Educationist and a poet with Kashmir connections.The article has been reproduced by the assistance of Salma Mahmiud eldest daughter of ur grand father.

  6. gjfalcone says:

    In these moments of Pain and sorrow there are times we can touch another’s soul. Although I realise I am not able to ease your sorrow, I hope these words come as some comfort, knowing you’re not alone…

    This Montage of memories, somehow frozen in time

    Speechless despair, guttural pain of mine

    Tragic hero of Shakespearean martyrdom

    Last call for self-sacrifice…True love find home.

    From Maslow to Aristotle, seemingly overnight

    Fear of the unknown, suddenly frozen with fright.

    So count your blessings and cherish your world

    Gusting winds of change: quite revealing when unfurled.

    True Love on the Mend… True Love Destined to End.

    yet still, I hold it dear, hidden deep within my heart

    ‘Fore I pray, but just once, be it miles; lest we part

    To glimpse at one’s soul,

    a weakness; this power,

    In times of doubt,

    I weep as I cower.

    Hopeless Romantic your fool is your master

    For true Love is destined to end in disaster

    So for now,

    with Love as the key,

    These shadows… you see

    …Are merely silhouettes

    Destined to be set free.


  7. Jim Luther says:

    I have seen/read of the work you are doing a few times now, and thought I would look you up and offer a quick word of encouragement. Intelligent, strong, progressive voices are needed all around the world and you have more people behind you than are visible. Best wishes from California.

  8. noorzaib kasi says:

    you r a good writter n , need your assistance regarding professional journalism.regards

  9. noorzaib kasi says:

    me from quetta. i watched yours interview on utube,unambigously u have charismatic personality.i tried to reach u out either on twitter or facebook but failed. i request u to kindly help me to become part of newsweek

  10. i m waiting for your assistance

  11. Ovais says:

    I am sorry but your articles are not up to the mark may be they miss something known as personal accountability. I ask you to define the word Shaheed for Me? And use this defination on anyone you claim to be shaheed weather it be BB or Taseer Sahab .All said and done Qadri sahab should get a death sentence or life imprisonment for him killing a person who had done nothing for Punjab and Pakistan

  12. minhaj khan says:

    good articles….i must say

  13. mezoya says:

    very lovely article love it<3:)

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